Bring A Little Aloha Back Home

Last year I released my first single, Bring A Little Aloha Back Home. The idea for this song grew out of the fond memories that I have of  living in Hawai’i for a few years, and bittersweet memories of leaving the islands behind. BALABH expresses the hope that we can evoke the Aloha spirit at any time, and bring it “back home” to wherever we happen to be.

While I was there I fell in love with the Aloha spirit that fills the Hawai’ian islands and their people. Although it was sad to leave the place that I had grown to love so much, I remember waiting for my plane (with leis around my neck, of course!) and a friend telling me that I would bring some of the Aloha spirit with me when I left. This idea stuck with me and many years later I decided to write a song that expressed the feelings I had when I thought about my time there – the joy, the sadness, and the idea that by calling upon my experiences in Hawai’i, I could actually bring the best of the islands into my life and the lives of those around me.

Aloha is a word that doesn’t translate well – some combination of hello, love, spirit, and goodbye. The lyrics explore all of these concepts, and I hope that this music brings some of the Aloha spirit into your home – wherever that may be.

“Every time you think of Hawai’i, you’ll bring a little Aloha, bring a little Aloha back home.”

Lead Vocals: Brian D. Eubanks
Backing Vocals: Brian D. Eubanks, Gokul Chalasani
Ukulele: Brian D. Eubanks
Steel Guitar: Gokul Chalasani
Ocarina: Gokul Chalasani
Effects: Gokul Chalasani
Synthesizer: Brian D. Eubanks
Mixing: Gokul Chalasani

Bring A Little Aloha Back Home  (Spotify)

The song is also available on  iTunes, Google Music, and other music streaming and download sites.